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Digitalis Updated to Version 1.1 – New PaintBox Features, Bug Fixes

Hello everyone! We’ve released an update to Digitalis and its respective demo version. To access these updates, simply login to your Aberrant account on our site, go to My Account > Downloads, redownload the plugin for your desired OS, and reinstall it. If for any reason you have run out of your 10 allotted downloads, please reach out to us through our contact form with your username and we can refill the downloads for you.

NOTE: This update addresses a bug in the macOS installers that had prevented users from saving Presets in the User folder. If you did the workaround to fix this and currently have user presets saved in that folder we strongly recommend you backup these presets before installing this update. There is a chance they could be deleted upon installing the new version. User presets are located at Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Aberrant DSP/Digitalis/Presets/User

As always, if you run into problems with this update or with the plugin in general, please reach out to us through our contact form and let us know.

New Features

  • Added saving of custom PaintBox patterns
  • JPG and PNG Images can now be imported as PaintBox patterns
    • Images are automatically converted to black and white and morphed to fit within the box if necessary. Try thresholding or editing images yourself before import for deeper control!
  • Longer rhythms of 8 bars, 4 bars, and 2 bars added to the Tempo Synced PaintBox Rate control
  • Zero-latency operation now possible if the Data window is completely bypassed (via the little button in the top left of the window)
    • Stopping and restarting playback may be necessary in some DAWs for the zero-latency mode to take effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI desynchronization in certain DAWs including Ableton and Bitwig
  • Fixed latency compensation issues when plugin is bypassed in certain DAWs
  • Fixed issues with some controls not updating visually when automated
  • Fixed issue in macOS installers that prevented users from saving presets
    • If for some reason you still encounter this problem, the workaround is as follows:
      1. Navigate to Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Aberrant DSP/Digitalis/Presets
      2. Right click theĀ UserĀ folder and click Get Info
      3. Click the little lock at the bottom of this window and enter your password
      4. Set all permissions at the bottom to Read & Write

We hope you enjoy the enhancements made in this update, and, as always, appreciate all of your support!

Ben and Daniel

Aberrant DSP