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Lair Released

This one is a little different.

Decoded from a diskette of unknown origin, Lair is a transporter through when and where, retooled as a reverberation effect. Combining three bespoke reverberator devices with an expansive collection of intricate parameters and chaotic modifiers, Lair is your door to familiar, abominable, and alien worlds.


  • Global controls for Mix, overall Reverberation, reverberation Sparsity, and Pre-Delay
  • Three bespoke reverberation modes or “Devices,” each with two unique modifiers serving as tailored special effects:
    • Artifact device for dark, diffuse, spring-like reverberant wash
    • Mirror device for metallic, shimmering sounds; a steel plate in purgatory
    • Rift device for mystical echoes from other planes
  • Drive unit including amount, mix, dry signal drive, and three flavors of distortion
  • Modulation system with three waveform options for everything from subtle motion to sea-sick delirium
  • Tone Darkness and Lightness with unique behavior per-device
  • Stereo Width controls including independent Dry and Wet signal pans
  • Dynamic Ducking section including adjustable Release Time
  • Custom preset system with 77 factory presets cataloging Lair’s vast library of spaces

As always, if you run into problems with this plugin, please reach out to us through our contact form and let us know.

Hope you enjoy! You have our eternal thanks for your continued support.

Ben and Daniel