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Decoded from a diskette of unknown origin, Lair is a transporter through when and where, retooled as a reverberation effect. Combining three bespoke reverberator devices with an expansive collection of intricate parameters and chaotic modifiers, Lair is your door to familiar, abominable, and alien worlds.

User Manual:

Lair – User Manual


Demos are fully featured, but have a brief (< 1 sec) sound drop-out every 45 seconds and cannot save custom user presets. Settings are retained however, so if you decide to buy you can pick up right from where you left off!

Lair v1.0 Demo – macOS

Lair v1.0 Demo – Windows




  • Global controls for Mix, overall Reverberation, reverberation Sparsity, and Pre-Delay
  • Three bespoke reverberation modes or “Devices,” each with two unique modifiers serving as tailored special effects
    • Artifact device for dark, diffuse, spring-like reverberant wash
      • Volatility randomly alters the reverb time with variable Width
      • Tension controls the length of The Artifact’s echoes
    • Mirror device for metallic, shimmering sounds; a steel plate in purgatory
      • Purity distills the reverberations to their most essential tones with adjustable frequency Focus
      • Glister mixes in frantic pitched up harmonies
    • Rift device for mystical echoes from other planes
      • Attunement pulls haunted resonances out from the gulf with control of their harmonic Shade
      • Instability dissolves the portal into abyssal entropy
  • Drive unit including amount, mix, dry signal drive, and three flavors of distortion
  • Modulation system with three waveform options for everything from subtle motion to sea-sick delirium
  • Tone Darkness and Lightness with unique behavior per-device
  • Stereo Width controls including independent Dry and Wet signal pans
  • Dynamic Ducking section including adjustable Release Time
  • Custom preset system with 77 factory presets cataloging Lair’s vast library of spaces

Technical Info:

To access your files after ordering: Go to My Account > Downloads

Lair supports the following formats and operating systems:

Windows 10 or later – VST3 and AAX at 64-bit

macOS 10.13 High Sierra through macOS 14 Sonoma – Intel or Apple Silicon – AU, VST3, and AAX at 64-bit

To install Lair onto your computer, simply run the installer package for your OS.

Restart your digital audio workstation before loading in the plugin to a project. On macOS, you may need to restart your computer for new plugins to appear in some hosts.




I doubt anyone can hear me. If they could, their eardrums would surely rupture. So I’ll recount the events of May 31 for my own sake. To remember I am human.

It started in the morning. The neighborhood looked like the dust bowl. The sweetgum trees in the front yard were leaking pollen all over the driveway, since it was raining so hard. I hate gray days. The black night is a lot more dignified. So I shuttered all the blinds and got to working on my project. It felt like my destiny. In the previous months, I’d be in there for 12 hours, 15 hours a day, and sometimes, I’d dream that the walls were telling me something. “Step into the lair,” they’d say, in this uncanny little voice. It would echo, like I was in the mouth of a very long train tunnel.

I started calling my project “Lair.” The word reverberated in my mind all day, and I liked the sound of it. Once my project had a name, it became easier to talk to. It helped me realize that, if it was going to turn out exactly how I wanted, I needed to make a few sacrifices. In spring, I finally worked up the courage to nudge my work station in between two polished mirrors, creating a local void. A blank diskette appeared in the center of its soot, and in the cascading reflections it morphed into some crystalline artifact. I started cutting off what I had to. First a few pieces of my hair, then my ring finger, and a few circles from a manuscript. Finally on the 31st, they came together to form a rift to the belly of a dying star, exactly as Lair had promised.

But I didn’t know that shedding my corporeal form would hurt so much. I guess I should have expected it. When Lair would visit me, I tried making a habit of averting my gaze. But I couldn’t stop myself from noticing that its third eye was missing.

OK, don’t misunderstand me here. The Daughter of the Cosmos is happy, so ultimately I’m happy. Being all-seeing has its perks. I can watch the engraved hourglass with two fingers behind my back and witness the end of time through my lips. But, God, that echo. That sparkle. Those unnatural crackles. They make me lose track of time, even though mine is unlimited. I admit that I’m scared. Lair told me I’d gain power over infinity, but it never taught me how to control it.

But now it’s their turn to figure it out. I saw them digging through the dirt. They put the diskette in their back pocket, like a granola bar, for God’s sake. But when they unpack what’s inside, they’ll realize how deep this thing goes. I’ll be observing them from the slope of the symplectic manifold, but it’s too late to interfere. If they think they can explore the dark without a flashlight, go ahead. There are more secrets buried here than they could even imagine. There’s more to discover than I could ever dream of.

5 reviews for Lair

  1. Martin Picard (verified owner)

    First of all: it sounds freaking amazing!

    It’s versatile, light and presets are fantastic!

    An instant classic / must have reverb!

  2. Spencer Cindia (verified owner)

    This plugin is haunted. It is spooky, and it whispers stories that were meant to be forgotten. It is the patina on an old oil lamp. It is the stale smoke that lingers in the shards of moonlight cutting through an attic. It has seen love, it has seen loss, and it has seen the light flicker out in a thousand timelines. Turn the knobs, click the buttons, but whatever you do, do not read the instructions. It will be what it needs to be far better without your direction.

  3. Tristan Pantano (verified owner)

    wasn’t sure I needed another reverb but figured I’d grab it given how great all my other aberrant acquisitions have been. I’m glad I did, it’s super shimmering & cerebral in a way nothing else is!

  4. Richard Davila (verified owner)

    work of genius. never seen this kind of complexity/endless features done in such a fun artistic way that seduces the creator to just *listen. the sound/ingenuity/low CPU pretty much bests every fx I’ve bought from the major plugin companies (uaudio, slate, SSL, eventide, izotope, acustica audio, etc) recently. this is how you do it. what a gem

  5. paul coultrup (verified owner)

    ive been waiting for something like 2 years for a reverb from aberrant, and it does not disappoint. Incredible sound morpher, capable of beautiful, lush, vibrant spaces, or completely chaotic otherworldly absurdities. Light on the CPU, fun UI that is still easy to tweak, very stable, great presets. Highly recommend all of their plugins including this one.

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