Color & Character Bundle

SketchCassette II + ShapeShifter


NOTE: Please read our  FAQ for DAW compatibility information before purchasing.

Get SketchCassette II and ShapeShifter together for a discount! SketchCassette’s degradation and warmth combined with ShapeShifter’s highly tweakable dynamics processing allow for endless potential in adding character and vibe to your mixes, or in destroying them altogether. Use both together for heaps of color, or sprinkle them in for intrigue and ear candy.

User Manuals:

SketchCassette II – User Manual

ShapeShifter – User Manual




SketchCassette II includes:

  • 12 unique tape type & quality profiles
  • Age modeling with continuous control
  • 2 Tape Saturation models: A (gentle), B (harsh)
  • Tape hiss
  • Dropouts with newly extended Stereo Width control
  • Highly adjustable Wow & Flutter section, including:
    • Tempo Syncing to DAW
    • An “FM Mode” which allows you to modulate the Flutter Rate with the Wow controls
    • Flanging
  • Noise-reduction encoding compression with controls over Brightness & Amount
  • Mix controls for Tape Filtering and Compression
  • Custom preset system with 61 factory presets showcasing SketchCassette II’s versatility

ShapeShifter features:

  • Upward / Downward compression controlled with a common Ratio
  • Transients section with Ratio and Threshold controls, allowing for separate control of downward compression
  • Upward compression Floor control for taming room sound or unwanted noise
  • Flexible envelope shaping through Attack and Release time controls
  • Tone adjustment for broad shifts in color and character
  • A wide-ranging Drive control with two models: A (gentle) and B (hard)
  • Asymmetry control for attaining harsher, grittier drive textures by way of even-order harmonics
  • Dry / Wet mixer for easy parallel processing
  • Custom preset system with 64 factory presets, showcasing ShapeShifter’s versatility

Technical Info:

To access your files after ordering: Go to My Account > Downloads

SketchCassette II and ShapeShifter support the following formats and operating systems:
Windows 7 or later – VST3 and AAX at 64-bit
macOS 10.10 Yosemite through macOS 11 Big Sur Intel or Apple Silicon – AU, VST3, and AAX at 64-bit

To install these plugins onto your computer, simply run the installer packages for your OS.

Restart your digital audio workstation before loading a plugin into a project. On macOS, you may need to restart your computer for new plugins to appear in some hosts.


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