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Tectonic is a multi-band toneshaping channel strip. Combining equalization, imaging, and dynamics processing, Tectonic is a complete sonic toolkit for anything from subtle sweetening to total tonal transformation.

User Manual:

Tectonic – User Manual


Demos are fully featured, but have a brief (< 1 sec) sound drop-out every 45 seconds and cannot save custom user presets. Settings are retained however, so if you decide to buy you can pick up right from where you left off!

Tectonic v1.0 Demo – macOS

Tectonic v1.0 Demo – Windows




  • 4 bands of upward / downward compression
    • Boosting a band applies upward + downward compression
    • Cutting a band applies only downward compression
    • -12 dB to 12 dB trim gain per band
  • Selectable transition frequency between each set of adjacent bands
  • Per band Mute, Solo, and processing Bypass
  • Mid / Side panner per band, allowing independent stereo narrowing and widening of each frequency range
  • Master mix, input gain, and output gain
  • Six style selections to adjust the feel and intensity of the dynamics processing
  • Custom preset system with 65 factory presets illustrating Tectonic’s wide range of toneshaping abilities

Technical Info:

To access your files after ordering: Go to My Account > Downloads

Tectonic supports the following formats and operating systems:

Windows 10 or later – VST3 and AAX at 64-bit

macOS 10.12 Sierra through macOS 14 Sonoma – Intel or Apple Silicon – AU, VST3, and AAX at 64-bit

To install Tectonic onto your computer, simply run the installer package for your OS.

Restart your digital audio workstation before loading in the plugin to a project. On macOS, you may need to restart your computer for new plugins to appear in some hosts.

4 reviews for Tectonic

  1. Jaddonthetrack (verified owner)

    Amazing Plugin, use it on everything.mainly 2 track instrumentals to help my vocals sit in a mix, thing is amazing to use for mastering or on mix bus.Amazing piece of software & Should be worth A lot more then $24.

  2. Joshua Hanson (verified owner)

    Unbelievable. This plugin goes above & beyond. I’d recommend this in a heartbeat. There’s not a single downside to having Tectonic in your mix. Sounds great on frickin everything, low CPU consumption, beautiful UI. It’s art in multiple ways, & it’s a delight to work with. Doesn’t get much better than this. Can’t wait to try out their compressor next.

  3. Vic Neve (verified owner)

    I was searching for a upward compressors to push the ambiance sound of a Bechstein piano ta little bit forward. I have a couple of upward compression plugins, but I was not happy with the results. With those plugins, the piano sounds to much processed.
    And then I received an e-mail about Tectonic. I downloaded the demo and tried it on the piano. Within 2 minutes I got exactly the sound I was searching for. So that was en instant buy of course. Thanks Ben and Daniel for another great plugin. You made my day:-).

  4. kvitek (verified owner)

    Man I just love the character of your plugins. They are an audio-visual masterpiece. Thank you so much for this! I was waiting for a nice multi band compressor like this for such a long time!

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