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ShapeShifter 1.1 + Demo Released

Version 1.1

Hello everyone! ShapeShifter’s first update, version 1.1, is available now. To access the update, simply login to your Aberrant account on our site, go to My Account > Downloads, redownload the plugin for your desired OS, and reinstall it. If for some reason you have run out of your 10 allotted downloads, please reach out to us through our contact form with your username and we can refill the downloads for you.

This update adds the following features:

  • Left and right preset selection arrows for fast and easy auditioning of settings
  • Preset Category label (General, Drums, Extreme etc.) to let you know where your current preset is located in the preset list

As always, if you run into problems with this update or with the plugin in general, please reach out to us through our contact form and let us know.

NOTE: We had a brief issue with our site hosting a few days ago which may have led to orders or accounts not being retained for a small handful of customers who happened to buy at that time. If you cannot log into your account or reset the password, or if you can login but your ShapeShifter files aren’t in your downloads, please reach out to us through our contact form with the order number from your email receipt and we’ll be sure to get it sorted!


A demo version of ShapeShifter is also available now! The demo is fully featured, but has a brief (< 1 sec) sound drop-out every 45 seconds and cannot save custom user presets. Settings are retained however, so if you decide to buy you can pick up right from where you left off! Check out the ShapeShifter page for links to download.

Thanks so much for the support this past week! We’ve been so excited to see what people are doing with ShapeShifter, please feel free to contact us if you ever have feedback or suggestions.