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SketchCassette II Released

Hello everyone! SketchCassette has been upgraded to SketchCassette II! This is a free upgrade for existing users. As usual, to access the update, simply login to your Aberrant account on our site, go to My Account > Downloads, redownload the plugin for your desired OS, and reinstall it. If for some reason you have run out of your 10 allotted downloads, please reach out to us through our contact form with your username and we can refill the downloads for you.

SketchCassette II is a separate plugin from version 1. Any existing projects that use SketchCassette version 1 can continue to, as SketchCassette II does not replace it and it shows up separately in your DAW. We highly recommend transitioning over to SketchCassette II soon however, as we will be ending support for SketchCassette version 1 in the near future. It continues to have a number of compatibility issues and bugs that, due to the outdated code it was built upon, could not be fixed without rebuilding it as we have for SketchCassette II. We hope you understand our reasons for this, but rest assured we will continue to update and support SketchCassette II long into the foreseeable future!

This update adds the following features:

  • 9 new tape profiles for a total of 12, 4 for each tape type over a range of cassette quality
  • Extended Wow and Flutter section with many new features including 2 new wow LFO shapes (rounded saw, inverse rounded saw), Wow and Flutter Rate Tempo syncing, a new FM mode where the Wow modulates the rate of the flutter, and a Flanging control
  • Mix section with individual┬áDry / Wet knobs for the Tape Profiling and the NR Comp
  • Age model is now continuously adjustable
  • Second Saturation model for harsher drive tones
  • Expanded Dropout Width options
  • Brightness and Amount knobs for greater control over NR Comp
  • New universal preset system with 61 factory presets
  • Spinning Cassette Wheels!!

As always, if you run into problems with this update or with the plugin in general, please reach out to us through our contact form and let us know.

Hope you enjoy!